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Re: "Beauty" in natal chart?

Originally Posted by Witchyone View Post
Do you think you were hiding beauty cues under less feminine clothes to get away from attention or is/was your personal style just not concerned with adornment? I spent a few years dressed like Kurt Cobain. It was partly because I was a fan and into the grunge scene, but it was largely to hide the parts of myself men stared at because I was uncomfortable with the attention. I too have sort of grown out of that and now like to look good. I wonder what's in store for me when I get really old and beauty is not really a part of my identity anymore. It's a little frightening.
It's a good question, I would like to say I just didn't care because I was soo cool , but there were emotional reasons. Partially I was uncomfortable with the attention my whole life (I have developed very early and I was very tall until middle adolescence), bus there was also unconscious rebellion against the superficiality I grew in. My life was influenced mostly by attractive women who gave much importance to outward appearance, but less to everything else. This beauty didn't come from the inside. I have felt uncomfortable when adornment was imposed upon me because of cultural expectations and approval it didn't come from my own space of joy and freedom. (I think again this can be aligned with venus conj saturn)

I'm not sure if beauty norms ever disappear in our supermodern society, even with geting very old. But yet, probably the vitality and health become more important than antiwrinkle treatment.
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