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Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Or maybe..... Divorce and become friends because significators meet in the 11th house of friends..... Maybe it's a possibility....
I always begin my answers/input with the fact that Iím not a horary interpretation expert, Elena is much better and her answer is, Iím sure, adequate. But to throw my input in there, I agree that it doesnít look like a divorce will happen because your significators (I use Venus and Mars) are conjunct. Perhaps Uranus in the 7th does, in fact, stand for a mutual decision to separate. But I wonder if it canít also just simply be descriptive of the nature of the relationship itself ó perhaps itís odd or eccentric in some fashion? With Jupiter in the 2nd, perhaps you are together for financial reasons ó be it comfort/stability or because divorce isnít financially an option right now, so you decided itís better to stay together for now? As for Moon in 8th, it could be just representing the intense emotions between you? Or it could be representative of the fact that the marriage is to become more of a burden to one or both of you?

And maybe my hunch is wrong, so forgive me if I am mistaking, but it sounds like deep down you want out of the marriage? If that is the case, why not just explain to her how you feel? A divorce doesnít happen on its own. If a marriage has ďrun its course,Ē someone has to be the one to address it.

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