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Originally Posted by conspiracy theorist View Post
This is not a clear-cut chart, and it looks more like an opportunity than a foregone conclusion is in the offing. My judgement of gearing toward positive vs. negative is due to the Moon's next aspect(s) as the lady of events. Also striking is the state of the rulers of the professional houses, showing that it's a great point of interest for you.

11 looks to be the magic number - Moon @ 3 Pisces will perfect a square to Jupiter (house 5/house 8) and Saturn (house 6/house 7) in 11 units. Venus' (as ruler of MC) will perfect a conjunction with Mars (house 4 - end of matter) @ 3 Virgo in the 2nd house. 11 units from now. Sun (as lord of chart & you) will perfect an aspect to Moon @ 3 Virgo, which would be in direct opposition to Moon @ 3 Pisces. The planets changeover to Virgo, And the combination of Moon's aspect to both Jupiter and Saturn would indicate that this position is going to have a technical and financial nature to it. On the other hand, it could also be secretarial or related to record keeping. Moon in 8th and domicile Jupiter in the 5th house suggests other people's resources and big money.

The 11 may be in a couple of weeks or 11 months. This is my reading of the map. Update us on the actual goings on to see if this reading measures up to the facts of your life.
Thank you so much for your detailed response! I will keep you updated. As for the nature of the job, any of the themes/characteristics are realistic possibilities. I just hope it won’t be as long as 11 months. I really need a job soon. Thanks again.
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