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Re: Fate vs Free will in classical astrology

The ancient Greeks who developed horoscopic astrology were fatalists. They came from a mythological tradition of the Three Fates deciding people's lives; and then the Stoic philosophy was very popular back then.

However, fatalism is not necessary to the study and practice of traditional astrology. It's collateral. In Europe during the Middle Ages, a lot of Catholics picked up astrology and even taught it in the major universities. The church always taught that people have moral choice ("free will.")

I do mostly modern astrology but I wanted to learn enough traditional western astrology to understand it and practice a simplified version of it in horary astrology. I believe in a choice-centered astrology. Each planet, sign, and house has multiple interpretations that are all consistent with the core meanings. We get to choose empowering or disempowering interpretations.

On the other hand, sometimes a little fatalism is comforting. When life hands us disappointments, we can always say they weren't our fault. They were in our stars.
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