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Re: The 2 strongest, most powerful signs, and their decans

Originally Posted by jac View Post
Having met and worked with several thousands of individuals, the assessment I posted falls under the category of fact.

One would surmise that you're aware how much weight your opinion will garner, having already expressed abject disdain for at least 1/12th of the population.

But, please do regale us with accounts of all the Scorpions and Aquarians you've dominated, I welcome the entertainment.
I just saw your edit

lol. One, I never expressed disdain for anyone. Two, you're really making yourself look ridiculous. You could've left it at you trying to pass the idea of Scorpios and Aquarius's being somehow stronger than other astrological types as a fact, but you had to keep going, huh?

You should notice I didn't actually say anything about any particular types, I said that people who exhibit the characteristics you noted, which honestly can be present in any type, are easy to dominate. Because they are. They make their weaknesses easy to grapple with

My argument is that everyone who has any strength or power whatsoever is also gonna carry weaknesses and also that what is a strength and what is a weakness varies by environment and circumstance. That is nature. You are partial. You don't like this because you're an Aquarius. Nobody is gonna believe what you're saying is fact because it isn't

I'm not even sure why anyone is entertaining anything in this thread. Anyone rational minded would know it makes no sense. For one, quite obviously, everyone is far more than just their sun types

To make what you're saying an arguable fact, you'd have to prove that those traits are 1. only present in Scorpio/Aquarius suns and 2. present in all Scorpio/Aquarius suns, and 3. are actually the markers of people who are as strong as you think they are

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