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Sirius has an effect like Jupiter and moderately Mars.
That is how it got related to the dog days

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The ancient Egyptians looked at the heliacal rising of Sirius to predict the conditions of the year, but Ptolemy advises everyone to look at the syzygy most nearly preceding the seasonal turning for each season. In Ptolemy's mundane astrology, the heliacal risings and settings of the fixed stars play a minor role in the ''day by day'' conditions of the weather (see also Ptolemy's Phases of the fixed stars). Thus, the heliacal rising of Sirius for each location would bring a dog day, all cold factors of the syzygy aside.
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''the Dog who brings fire upon the entire universe...''

''But when the lion of Nemea lifts into view his enormous gaping jaws, the brilliant constellation of the Dog appears: it barks forth flame, raves with its fire, and doubles the burning heat of the sun. When it puts its torch to the earth and discharges its rays, the earth foresees its conflagration and tastes its ultimate fate''

''When the Dogstar rises over the rim of the sea, which at its birth not even the flood of Ocean can quench, it will fashion unbridled spirits and impetuous hearts ; it will bestow on its sons billows of anger, and draw upon them the hatred and fear of the whole populace. Words run ahead of the speakers; the mind is too fast for the mouth. Their hearts start throbbing at the slightest cause, and when speech comes their tongues rave and bark, and constant gnashing imparts the sound of teeth to their utterance. Their failings are intensified by wine, for Bacchus gives them strength and fans their savage wrath to flame. No fear have they of woods or mountains, or monstrous lions, the tusks of the foaming boar, or the weapons which nature has given wild beasts : they vent their burning fury upon all legitimate prey.'' - Goold, G. P. (Ed.). (1977). The Loeb Classical Library.: Manilius, Astronomica. Harvard University Press.


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