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Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post
I think natal pluto in the 9th is a perfect indicator of changing of one's being in a far away place.

However, to tell if the changing of the self is because of the relocation area or not, you would have to see if the relocation chart has configurations that point to deep changes to the self of it's own, otherwise, we wont be able to tell if the individual has undergone massive change due to some supposedly real "relocation influences" or if it's been merely due to their natal configuration of pluto in the 9th.
It doesn't have to be a massive change. In a sense we are all here to change and we all have such aspects or planets. We all have a pluto and Saturn and a North node. Planets that denote transformation, maturing and growth. I've been away and I've behaved differently but then you can blame it on my Pisces rising. People are adaptable and always try to fit it new surroundings. Wether its because Libra positions or mutable ones. So it's possible that the relocation chart is like an extension or addition to the natal one.

It's possible some people say that they would disregard the natal one because truly it doesn't change THAT much.
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