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Re: Uranus transiting Venus

Knowing the "rules" of transit would help you out in this issue.

The Uranus trine your Venus (which by the way is weakened by it's position on the 12th house cusp) is tripped up by Uranus inconjunct Jupiter at the same time. Sorry....but the heavy planets have more power and consequently the effects of the more personal planet can be inhibited.

Also, you have Neptune on the 4th house cusp natally. This means you have a sort of "identity crisis" which is more or less ongoing. The transit Jupiter has enhanced this and has gone a long way to making you feel the way you do now. Jupiter needs to be past the conjunction of Neptune before that influence is gone.

I hate to say these things as you know only a little about your chart. But your issues with love and partnership go further and deeper than any personal planet. Neptune rules your 7th house and Uranus rules your 5th. Uranus and Jupiter square your Venus natally and it will take a powerful set of circumstances (or your delving into your core issues) to make a difference in your life. Because Neptune rules your 7th house and Neptune is ON your 4th house cusp, your identity crisis which is personal extends to OTHERS...meaning it's hard for you to judge well or feel secure and confident in any particular person you could be attracted to. You lack trust.
And you are not particularly trusting of your OWN judgement. You may have made some poor decisions when younger and you did not delve into your inner motivations and search for answers then.

You may think life is just the toss of the dice and you don't have to do anything other than "wait" for a better time or better luck. Nothing is further from the truth.

If you have trust issues, judgement issues, fears about love and marriage then you need to figure out why.
And those are the questions you need to be asking now and researching answers to.

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."

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