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Re: Uranus transiting Venus

Yes I am of course more important than dates. You might be right that this transit is only highlighting my weight issue that has been going on less of more last 10 years. And I should do something about it and live more healthy life. But itís disappointing as Uranus to Venus could bring love to those who hasnít have it. Iím 35, no past relationships. I want to have a family. So itís not about just me wanting to have ďsome funĒ. Often this kind of love related transit is bringing art related things into my life as Iím artist. I wanted to stop that and ďkillĒ that possibility and Iím not making art any more. But is seems god or ďsomethingĒ knows itís ways to ***** me over. Thank you for your answer ans effort..I really appreciate it..I will come back to it later.. now Iím traveling so canít find WiFi easily.

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