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Uranus (transiting) conjunct NN

I've done some searching on this site to dig a bit deeper into the Uranus transit to the NN as recently read this has a lot of significance. NOw that Uranus is in Taurus, it is no longer conjunct my NN -at least until Uranus goes RX. I am curious how to use this time. Or have I missed it transit??? Hindsight 20/20 I wonder if I should have left my job in 2017. My dog died when Uranus was 24 degrees Aries. I knew in my heart my job was not a fit and I had made a mistake in accepting the job, but I also got lost in grief and brought up a lot of old ****. I also had to mourn my disillusionment of an organization I had believed in so long. Combined I moved myself to Europe. At the time I was paralyzed at the thought of having to reverse it. Money and time combined with no where to go. I've spent the last year working through all this and processing some old grief. I've moved past the grief and victim place and feel like I am really learning to express my NN in Aries and root into my own power. A lot of bully behavior in my job and unfortunately, it seems my new boss is a gaslighter. In the last week his behavior has accelerated into publicly embarrassing me and in our 1:1 speaking to me as if I am a child. Very odd. I've been accepted into a coaching program that I hope is going to launch my career in a new direction, but in the meantime that means I can't leave my current job otherwise I have to repay the organization for the training. I think this period is a time to shed old childhood patterns and step into my own power. I am curious if there is any information out there that would be helpful in how to fully utilize this transit and not get sucked into old SNode patterns.
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