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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

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In serious, valid astrology, there are very few examples of a pure type, a person who personifies the characteristics suggested by one of the 12 signs. A person with Sun in Sagittarius may have a group of several factors clustered together in Scorpio. He will not seem light and enthusiastic like the Sagittarius characteristics. He will be more intense and secretive. Why should we call him a Sagittarius? We should not.

There are people who have a large cluster of factors grouped together in one sign, and we can look to them as nearly a pure type. They have much to teach us about the emphasized sign even if they have Sun in a different sign entirely.

Charles Manson had four factors in Scorpio including Sun. He is one of the most evil people in history.

Marie Curie had four factors in Scorpio including Sun. She doggedly pursued a very dangerous course, the discovery of radium and radioactivity, an activity that eventually killed her.
OP of this thread wishes to focus on "Understanding Leos and Leo energy
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