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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by GemwDepth View Post
Oh that was not a smoking gun by any means. It was a sign query request! Mars-Pluto was not the subject of the original effort, just an observation. By logic, I actually treat it as a given. You are not talking about an accidental crime of passion (uranus), planned for typical monetary purpose (saturn), or a subverted effort that's time consuming (neptune) - none of them may persist after the first crime. 'Serial' 'killing' requires an inborn, persistent enjoyment of ruthlessness, and mars-pluto is the natural option by logic.

Do you believe it's totally inborn and not a combination of born-in traits and experience? I'm undecided because most serial killers I've studied did have violently abusive childhoods. Then there are a few weirdos like Jeffrey Dahmer who just seem to have been born with their wires crossed.

Here's a question. Is it common to be curious about serial killers to the point of studying them and their crimes or is this a f*cked up Gemini trait?
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