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Smile Re: The 2 strongest, most powerful signs, and their decans

And here are more traits of the signs (limited to the conventional traditional 12), including their natal chart ruler houses and the signs' ruler planets. My thanks to Susan Miller once again, I wonder what's her sun/moon/rising signs.

Aries/1st house/Mars: feisty, entrepreneurial, energetic and individualistic.

Taurus/2nd/venus: Love, finances, practical and stability-minded.

Gemini/3rd/Mercury: intellectual, communicative, versatile and hard-working.

Cancer/4th/Moon: sentimental, nurturing, parental and emotional.

Leo/5th/Sun: creative, fun-loving, life-creating and family-oriented.

Virgo/6th/Mercury+Ceres: intellectual, news-gathering, meticulous and service-oriented.

Libra/7th/Venus+Eris: gentle, refined, partnering and balanced.

Scorpio/8th/Mars+Pluto: catalyst, intense, sensual and temperamental.

Sagittarius/9th/Jupiter: fortunate, philosophical, scholarly and powerful.

Capricorn/10th/Saturn: hard-working, serious, planning and focused.

Aquarius/11th/Uranus: creative, scientific, idiosyncratic and radical.

Pisces/12th/Neptune: spiritual, self-sacrificing, compassionate and intuitive.

Officially, there are 10 planets for 12 signs (Gemini and Virgo have Mercury, and Taurus and Libra have Venus, sometimes Scorpio has Mars). I believe Ceres plays a crucial role to Virgo and Eris in Libra is pivotal of their fates.

Edit: I'm not sure the hypothetical farthest planet of our solar system (Isis? Aether? or Xena) will have any effect in astrology.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!

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