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Re: Orbs and Stuff

Does a cross-sign 10-degree orbed aspect count as an effective (life-influencing) aspect? That is your question.

First, both planets are angular.

In ancient times and in south Asia today, aspects are measured by Sign, not by orb. Over the past 50 years, western orbs have tended toward reduction. These facts tell us that orbs are not set in stone.

Are there lots of close aspects in the chart? A wide aspect is, under this condition, less likely to exert strong influence. Is one (or both) of the planets empowered by other measures? His aspects may be strong, influential.

An aspect across sign lines is not weakened; it is modified in character. The "conflict" between signs may in fact make it more powerful.

Is the aspect applying or separating?

What are the aspecting planets doing by progression? Trump's chart shows 2 rx planets. The chart does NOT show that both planets turn Direct within 3 days of birth, that is, they are on direct station.

If we adhere to rigid parameters in chart analysis, that rigidity and limitation will be reflected in the delineation. I can always discard too-wide-orbed aspects, but if I ignore them at the beginning they will likely never be noticed again.

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