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Re: Angular Uranus in Solar Return - any input?

Ardentika thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts so thoroughly with me! It is truly so appreciated. And you've given me some hope because I was a bit intimidated by some of the aspects in this chart.. You wrote "I just don't like this Uranus there" - that makes two of us! LOL.
I definitely am looking for new jobs as well, so fingers crossed!
I was interested to hear you say I have a lot of Sag energy natally - I never thought I did! Is it because I have Neptune in Sag? Certainly I would love it if this year brings some travel my way too! The overall SR chart is in a bowl pattern and there's a lot of fixed energy so I hope this doesn't mean I will feel closed off..lord knows I'm trying to spread my wings!

Wow 8th H NN in Scorp - that's a doozy! I've had a really hard time myself understanding my NN position but I've basically come to the conclusion that it seems to play out internally mostly - to indicate a lifetime of soul searching, reinvention and plunging the depths! (Also an interest in Astrology clearly!). I think there may also be something involved with learning to be able to depend on someone else, sharing resources etc. instead of being a lone wolf.. Balancing the yearning to merge with the fear of merging..
Do you have any other planets in Scorpio?
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