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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Stay where you are. The ruler of your 9th house of foreigners and foreign places is Saturn, which is exalted in libra, but has no positive aspect, only negative stressful ones. Ruler of the 3rd, your neighbourhood, on the other hand is the moon, happy in its own sign with several positive aspects. Ruler of your home is the sun, squaring pluto, which probably is what is making you want to break away, but it is in the 3rd of your neighbourhood. Don't move.
Thank you.

I never wanted to move.
I did diploma in engineering but no job opportunity in local area. So I have to settle for low salary and less respectable job right now.
Sorry I didn't post my Vedic chart.
But my Saturn Maha Dasa started a year ago. Saturn 9th and 10th lord. That's why I was curious to know the answer too.
Is there any possibility to get better job in local area in near future ?
Can you see any favourable transit or progression whic will change job/career in near future ?
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