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Re: Angular Uranus (opp Sun) in Solar Return - any input?

Originally Posted by Lin View Post

The thing about SRs is that it's easier to read one for the previous

Haha, very true! And I will have Saturn AND Pluto on my SR ASC in 2019's SR chart (assuming I don't move - which now I'm thinking I should, LOL ).

I had Uranus on the SR DESC (albeit with a wider orb -a 4 degree orb that year) the year I started my freshman year of college. Interestingly Uranus opposed my natal Moon that time and squared my Sun (I have a natal Sun/Moon square, so this time it will square my Moon as it opposes my Sun). I was dreadfully homesick (which makes sense as it opposed my natal Moon in Cancer and squared my Sun in the SR 4th).

Do you have any thoughts about anything else (non-Uranus related) in the chart?
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