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Re: Second Saturn return advice

My second Saturn return occurred at a time with a lot of other stressors occurring in my life and horoscope. Pluto hit my angles, Neptune hit my sun, and Neptune was no picnic, either. I decided to retire at this time, as I didn't want to face all this stress during a very demanding job. It actually went just fine.

But here's the secret to a successful transit. By sign, house, planet, and aspects, find empowering interpretations that are consistent with the planet's core meanings. This is called choice-centered astrology. Saturn rules old age, so think about how you would like to live into your senior years. Devise some actions that are consistent with your core Saturn meanings as well as any other transits occurring at the time.

Just for example:

Disciplined emotions.

Re-doing your home (moon) in keeping with a spare, simpler lifestyle.

Learning your family (moon) history (Saturn)

Taking a course in women's history.

Becoming a village elder.

Gardening (Saturn is the traditional ruler of agriculture) around your home (moon.)
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