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Originally Posted by C Jayne
Originally Posted by Frisiangal
... the 6th house is where one works to have sufficient to live, but not live to work. So seeing prog. Moon conjunct your husband's Jupiter, ruler 6th house, the thought comes to mind that his new job is just that; a means to earn a further living.
In the interest of broadening my astrological knowledge, I'd like to hear more discussion about this. Apparently I'm older than a lot of people on the forum -- that causes some communication problems -- and sometimes I use words differently -- sometimes because we're from different countries. Please clarify this: the thought comes to mind that his new job is just that; a means to earn a further living.
Hello again, C.J.,
We're probably about the same age!
I know what you mean about using words. The written word is the most difficult to follow and mine can sometimes sound more ways than one. I'll try to explain.
My astrology teaching was that there is a story unfolding in the signs/houses. After the 5th house of creativity, the 6th house is how one puts that creativity to use to apply one's self FOR ONE'S SELF in order to 'provide one's daily bread', you could say, with Virgo's association with bringing in the harvest. The 6th is still a personal house (under the horizon). Astrologically speaking, a person is not aware of another until it reaches the 7th house.
The 6th house is still about how *I* can serve *Me*, although Virgo/6th are renowned as the 'crisis' stations because they are locked between 'I' and 'We'. So, anything that aspects the ruler of the 6th house is going to refer to 'the job' rather than ' my career'. Using your own example of the 6th referring to the taking care of the body, the same things applies. A person takes health vitamins etc. to keep him/herself fit, not to keep the career fit , doesn't (s)he ? People talk about 'career' when there is something in them that makes them want to attain a place in the 10th house world. But 'the job' is simply the means to provide sufficient to make life easier. It isn't the begin all, end all of one's physical existence (as per Capricorn/10th house). Do you see what I mean ?

Originally Posted by Frisiangal
... He's not actually working towards making a further career for himself, is he?
Again, I'm sorry if I'm sounding really thick-headed, but I would appreciate it if you clarified "further career."

I appreciate your feedback. We're just now beginning to believe we are actually on a happy path, at last. -- C.
And your last sentance IS the difference between a career and a job, IMO. If your husband was set on furthering his career, he would be changing areas for the sake of promotion, ego satisfaction, or whatever. But he isn't. He is seeking 'work' in your area in order that you can be together again.

I have to go now, but if I still haven't made my self clear, I'll get back .

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