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Originally Posted by Frisiangal
...I didn't pick up on the progr. Moon conjunct pr. Jupiter, thinking the latter was still in Virgo from its position around the chart. With Jupiter ruler of his 6th house, that area will also be energised by the progr. Moon
It sounds like you and i view this diffierently, in a couple of ways

I interpret 6th house as being :? "work"-work, :? like shoveling or exercising -- the activities that force a person to push their bodies to the limits, such as health issues. My husband and I have been hoping he would find a new way to define himself in the world -- as indicated by the "medium coeli" -- the Midheaven -- the MC. So for me, Jupiter's relationship to his progressed Moon didn't matter, because Sagittarius is irrelevant to his Aries Midheaven (10th house cusp).
I think we may well see things differently in this respect. The 6th house is very much about 'working upon one's self or creative talents', as you say, but it's also always associated with the 'service' side, being useful as per what one does 'to earn one's daily bread', i.e. employment. I think of the M.C. and rulerships as the career-maker, but the 6th house is where one works to have sufficient to live, but not live to work.
So seeing prog. Moon conjunct your husband's Jupiter, ruler 6th house, the thought comes to mind that his new job is just that; a means to earn a further living. He's not actually working towards making a further career for himself, is he?

But what his chart says will happen is, His progressed Moon -- which rules the sign for his natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, North Node, and Saturn -- will first cross prog. Jupiter (optimism), and then his n. Midheaven (career) and then his n. Neptune (disillusionment)

It could just be indicative that he is going through an important personal and emotional change in which he is letting go (Neptune) of a particular way of life.

then his prog. Sun will square his prog. Uranus (he'll reinvent himself? -- or blow himself up!) -- and then his prog Moon will conjunct prog. Neptune (more disillusionment?) and then prog Moon conjuncts prog Chiron (I'm only just starting to read up on Chiron

All that stuff happens in a little more than 2 months' time

Leo and Aquarius rule his financial houses, so their rulers' aspects could well be indicative of the change in finances he will go through. I believe you mentioned that he is accepting less in this job, and that would fit the 'tight pocket' progr. Sun in Virgo. It isn't too difficult to imagine that he will experience feelings of 'sacrifice' (Neptune) in order for you to be re-united. Transiting Neptune's yod to his Moon-Jupiter will only strengthen that. He's giving up a lot. As long as he doesn't wear himself out to meet the demands of his new employer. 200% input for 70% salary!

Swinging from the optimism to the disillusionment to the optimism scared me. :|
I doubt you'll starve, so stop worrying

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