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Originally Posted by Frisiangal

I am delighted for you both. Such a worry off your minds.
Thank you very very much. We are still stunned -- but don't pinch me, i don't want to wake up!

Originally Posted by Frisiangal
...A 'little bit of well deserved luck' with the trine between tr. Mercury and Jupiter to your husband's Sun these last few days? ...
:roll: I have a different perspective on what happens on this chart with Jupiter. It's a little screwy.

I've been watching transiting Jupiter -- and every other planet -- as they have trailed around his chart. (I even watched Mars transits. We've been going through this for a year! Great transit aspects came and went, and still, no new job!) ops:

What appears to be significant with this chart and Jupiter is, with transiting Jupiter in his 4th house, he finds "adventure" in the home instead of living in the home. Jupiter will soon be pulling out -- and that, I think, is important (although, this won't happen until July 23rd -- so maybe I'll make him sleep in the van, out in the driveway, until then!) 8) (Just kidding).

On the natal chart, he has Saturn in with that clump of Cancer planets. "Home" is uncomfortable for him, although he's trying to get more comfortable with it. :|

He didn't used to like being alone. Over this past year, he's been forced to spend time getting comfortable with himself -- with being alone inside his own skin. So, although he didn't want to have (Jupiter) "adventure" in the home, apparently it offered him (also Jupiter) "spiritual growth" he needed.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal
...I didn't pick up on the progr. Moon conjunct pr. Jupiter, thinking the latter was still in Virgo from its position around the chart. With Jupiter ruler of his 6th house, that area will also be energised by the progr. Moon...
It sounds like you and i view this diffierently, in a couple of ways.

I interpret 6th house as being :? "work"-work, :? like shoveling or exercising -- the activities that force a person to push their bodies to the limits, such as health issues. My husband and I have been hoping he would find a new way to define himself in the world -- as indicated by the "medium coeli" -- the Midheaven -- the MC. So for me, Jupiter's relationship to his progressed Moon didn't matter, because Sagittarius is irrelevant to his Aries Midheaven (10th house cusp).

But what his chart says will happen is, His progressed Moon -- which rules the sign for his natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, North Node, and Saturn -- will first cross prog. Jupiter (optimism), and then his n. Midheaven (career) and then his n. Neptune (disillusionment) -- then his prog. Sun will square his prog. Uranus (he'll reinvent himself? -- or blow himself up!) -- and then his prog Moon will conjunct prog. Neptune (more disillusionment?) and then prog Moon conjuncts prog Chiron (I'm only just starting to read up on Chiron).

All that stuff happens in a little more than 2 months' time.

Swinging from the optimism to the disillusionment to the optimism scared me. :|

That's when I decided I should let his past charts be the guide for how I interpret his current charts.

And, of course in 1992, when he started a new job (right after prog Moon crossed Midheaven), he felt a little lost and confused at first -- as prog Moon crossed over his Neptunes (natal and progressed). So I'm sure he'll get through it okay this time also.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal
I guess it's unecessary to say that yours and his chart are two totally different entities and may not show the same approach towards life.
I completely agree. But since this thread was intended to be about progressions, in general, I guess I was trying to broaden the topic. Just making conversation I guess. I either talk not-at-all, or you can't shut me up.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal
... I'm very glad I was wrong. Congrats. and good luck. F.
Thank you :P thank you thank you . Now maybe I can go back to simply obsessing about my own chart!

-- C. J.
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