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Hi C.J.
First of all I do hope you and your husband will be reunited on a regular basis soon.
I 'd like to make the point that it might be unwise to judge your husband's job prospects on the validity of sec. prog. Moon alone, which seems to show the emotional attitude one is going through at any particular time as a result of change in the house the prog. Moon is residing. The progressions and transits of 1992 are entirely different to what they are now.

If you're looking at his current job prospects, you might care to take a look at the positions of sec. progressed M.C. and its ruler, Mars, as well as his 6th house ruler, Jupiter, and what aspects, if any, they make to natal planets. This would be indicative of his personal talents being used in new employment. The position of tr. Pluto in his 6th house of employment service does not aspect anything in his chart, which would seem to infer that no great radical change lies in the immediate future until the square with Chiron.
Tr. Neptune in the 8th house returns to inconjunct natal Sun later this year, ruler of his 2nd house, which could be indicative of a change in the funds from an outer source upon which one had become reliant (fixed signs).
Tr. Uranus has completed the aspects to 1st house natal Mercury/Pluto, as well as NN. Its next aspect is the drawn out trine, through retrograde, to natal Saturn. This would suggest that he will need and be offered time to adjust to a new situation ( my husband experienced the same; see Sag. Sun-Pluto post) in which he can rest on his laurels in retired companionship (Saturn in 12th house rules 7th house). With tr. Uranus in the 9th, he may even be looking forward to the prospect

Sec. Prog. Sun is approaching the sextile to itself from the 3rd house of local environment. Looks like he is going to join you and *he* will be fine with the changed (mutable Virgo) financial situation (Sun, ruler 2nd). Virgo has the ability to manage sufficiently with its resources. With sec. pr. Asc. trining SN in 6th, he might be drawn towards remaining in an old pattern of work, whilst the sextile to NN. in 12th would seem to show the personal desire to be out of the rat race.

You write... [I guess I feel like I'll not only suffer the loss of him not getting the job, I'll also suffer a kind of spiritual loss -- I guess I've placed a large portion of my faith in astrology (okay, so maybe this isn't healthy, but it seems to be what I'm doing). ]

I guess it's unecessary to say that yours and his chart are two totally different entities and may not show the same approach towards life.
A seemingly 'sad' side of astrology is that it always reveals the truth, but that truth is not always what we would wish to face.

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