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Re: Sign Combinations - Personal Planets

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
I think the Gauqueline's, a married couple, did studies on that. Sound familiar to anyone?


Michel Gauquelin

and The Mars Effect

The "Mars Effect" was not the only thing that Gauquelin researched. He also found correlation between other groups of professions and the rising and culmination of the planets. There were also higher numbers than expected found to be on or close to the other two angles of the descendant and the IC, but without a doubt the most significant was the ascendant (having risen and therefore 12th house) followed by the MC (having culminated and therefore 9th house). Out of the ten planets, only half have any significance. They are the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. None of the other planets worked out in such a way. However, only the Sun and Mercury are missing from that list of the traditional seven planets. The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are already known to be generational planets and their effect is of such too, so it would be unlikely that they would play any part. Mercury by its nature and by the fact that it is always close to the sun is also not hard to understand as not being a part of it. What of the sun then? The sun is representative of the ego, the individual, the core essence, so maybe by what it symbolises it could go some way to explain why it does not figure as the other planets do. In some professions it was noted that there was a distinct lack of strength for some of the planets.
This isn't exactly what I meant. I meant the likelihood that a person will have, say, Sun in Leo and Venus in Libra.
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