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Re: Seeking New Career

Originally Posted by Kitchy View Post
Hello -

Ruler of MC is Venus and located in 8th house conjunct Mercury. Venus squares Moon in 12th - so your natural inclinations will not feel emotionally gratifying because of that grand trine of sun moon jupiter.

Moon rules 7th house though and Saturn in it - which trines Mars in 6th - you have the ability to suceed at gritty work.

Have you ever considered estate sales or deconstruction of homes to preserve historical building materials?

2nd house ruler Uranus of "stuff" and building materials is on 10th. Consider yourself an historic preservationist.

Making money off of other people's stuff who've passed on Moon 12th trine Sun 8th - and Merc Venus already waiting there to get the cash.

Any square of Merc Venus in a chart is harmless - in 8th? it just means you have to smile and look pretty while you take the cash of buttholes who want to talk you down in price.

Jupitr at 4th IC shows you love old stuff - history - you get pleasure/bounty from it. Especially in grand trine from 4th 8th 12th.
Interesting take. I don't know if you read the other posts in this thread... can't quite tell from your response here... but if you did, you would see I have made a new choice.

However, it's interesting that you mention "gritty work." I can certainly handle that, done it before, just need something more than plain old gritty work. Also interesting what you say about history. I do find history very, very fascinating.

Dealing with old stuff isn't my cup of tea, though. I had a boyfriend who loved antiquing, and that just bored me to tears. On the other hand, when he showed me artifacts he'd found (he was an archaeologist) and told me stories about them, that caught my attention.

When it comes to history, I'm much more about the ideas than the literal preservation of stuff.

I see that coming out, though, in the herbalism course I'm about to do. Part of it deals with learning something about your ancestral traditions, whatever they may be, and herbs associated with them. And herbalism itself is as old as humanity, only modern medicine tends to discredit it, so in that respect, being an herbalist means reclaiming and preserving something old.
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