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Re: Career synastry with Joseph Campbell

I believe your theory is correct! I think if we take time as individuals to learn what I call our "soul yearnings" (and a good starting point for this is astrology) then we have the ability to align ourselves with the universe so to speak. Life is about choices, mentality, and potentiality. Once we align ourselves in this way (which includes putting our thoughts and ACTIONS toward the goal) we naturally would draw those we resonate with. Call it LOA, a spiritual path, or "following your bliss" (Campbell) terms aren't as relevant as the concept.

Now I'm only beginner level of understanding with astrology interpretation but I've been interested in esoteric studies all my life. I had read that back in medieval times there was a thought that a lot of oppositions in synastry was actually a positive thing. "Opposites attract" kind of mentality. What do you make of that?

Thank you for the stimulating conversation.
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