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Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
It doesn't have to be unpleasant for him necessarily. It's all a matter of perspective and awareness, you know. Since he was a very aware being who was very much into mystic studies already anyway, getting his 8th House triggered would have probably been a good thing.

But very interesting approach. I was thinking about that too, I was planning doing some research on that, actually. Because there are certain philosophies that certain people find appealing and others don't. And a synastry can give some interesting answers. I don't think it's going to be as simple as 'Pisces like Marx' or 'Scopios like Nietzsche' but it's going to be interesting what kind of people (astrologically speaking) favor what philosophies. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts!
Okay, so I've familiarised myself with Campbell and his beliefs/ideology a bit more since I wrote this post. I've also learned a bit about his biography. The similarities between him and myself are almost "creepy" in some aspects. For example, his interests began with Native American culture then to Arthurian legends/Norse, then Hindu culture. I had the SAME progression through the world cultures and even at the same chronological ages as Campbell. I've read a couple of his books, watched a lot of lectures, etc. On every subject in which he speaks it is like he's expressing exactly what I feel/think. Ultimately we both seem to have the same worldview and soul "yearnings" shall we say. I've found him to be the definition of a kindred spirit for me. I've been drawn to multi-cultural/artistic/literary/mystical studies since I was very young..just like Campbell. But the serendipitous part isn't the similar interests, it's the fact that he assimilates this knowledge the same way I do and translates it into his outlook and work much in the same way that I as a student am envisioning to do in my own career. In short, we both have the same ideas and want to devote our life and work to imparting this wisdom for the good of all people. Kindred idealists. So glad I was exposed to his work and found him at all.

So for anyone sharing these aspects with another, know that these aspects (at least in my case) are almost like an shared blueprint of career, philosophy, worldview, higher self goals.

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