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Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Cool idea!

(using full sign houses) Campbell triggers your 1st, 7th and 11th House. He would be your ideal partner and friend! He would inspire you to work on yourself and his influence would broaden your circle of friends and supporters and/or inspire you to have big dreams. For Campbell, however, you trigger his 1st, 6th and 8th House, which is usually not so nice, hehe.
Thanks! I just thought it was a rather uncanny coincidence. Interesting also is that I touch his 1,6,8 houses! I am pretty novice as an astrologer but if:

House 1: way you are perceived in the world
House 6: can also be related to work apprenticeship
House 8: death, mystical, etc

Since I never knew of Campbell or his work until after he died I found even those aspects interesting, even if they might present unpleasantly to the late Campbell.

For practical consideration I should let it be known that after some investigation I found that many of his views and influences have also been my own. My work as an artist/designer heavily involved myth, psychology, mysticism, and symbolism. Investigating my next piece is what led me to Campbell. Very interesting!

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