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Re: Dyatlov Pass Incident

Last night I understood why I've been so captured by the Dyatlov Pass incident. A few days before I started this thread, but well after I was caught by this case, I wrote about experiencing the outer planets as a force of nature, whether they manifest as coming from the "outside" or from "within". It's funny how we can run in parallel lines of thoughts and intuitions, not converging, until at one moment things just come together by themselves. When I wrote that some people are either overwhelmed by something greater than they are and become chess pieces moved by invisible hands or they spend their life resisting or negotiating with this power, of course I was partly talking about myself, but I didn't make the connection with the "unknown compelling force" met by the hikers at Dyatlov Pass on 2 February 1959, however obvious it seems now. It is so simple. I am there with them, on Kholat Syakhl, the mountain of the dead. (it seems that whichever version of my natal chart I look at I have the Sun in SR 8th in my solar return for this year).
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