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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

Originally Posted by PD187540 View Post
Well, here we go! It's back to New York, ladies and gentlemen! Never again will I ever rely on an astrologer's "expert" opinion.

The San Francisco Bay Area has failed me completely. My living situation has been horrible and uncertain ever since I moved here a year ago, and I can't find a job anywhere. Either I'm being ignored or rejected with the BS "we found someone with better qualifications" excuse.

ON TOP of that, I got arrested last week for making "criminal threats" via text message, and I have a court hearing to go to here in San Francisco on Tuesday. The case has a strong chance of being dismissed, and it should, given the extreme emotional duress I've been under with trying to establish an independent livelihood here.

How ironic that I'm a paralegal student set to graduate this week, and I'm on the other side of the law.....

Therefore, the most practical thing for me to do would be to move back home to NY for good. Free rent, free food, and no aggravation. Best decision I'll ever make. I'll also have my paralegal certificate in hand, so I can apply to jobs in the NYC metro area while living at home.

There it is. My cross-country drive (for the third and final time) is scheduled for later this month, and that relocational astrologer is set to issue me a full refund. He claims that I'm the first one he has ever refunded, but I highly doubt that.

Next time you give a relocation opinion to someone for career or jobs help, please consider the LIVING situation of that city FIRST. The 4th House of Home and 10th House of Career are diametrically opposite one another. If one is debilitated but the other is great, that's no good. Here in SF, my career house appears to be excellent, but the living situation is awful. For me, I need a secure and stable living environment FIRST before I can even worry about trying to establish a career. As such, SF has failed me.

Thank you.
Very interesting. Thank you for letting us know.

I agree with you completely that everything boils down to home situation. We all need a good living situation before e can do anything else. I think the most important angles to look at first are the IC and then the AC because this too would show if you like the place.

I must say that I think you have a pull to NYC because the Moon is conjunct the IC there. This is not always a good thing but it does make the place attractive because of the nurturing element there.

The other thing about SF is that having Uranus angular there makes it unstable no matter what. It's very hard to root yourself on Uranus angles.
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