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Re: Orbs and Stuff

I will repeat what Dr. Farr said in a different way.

First, "orbs" refer to aspects. The first thing, then -- whether in synastry or delineation of a natal chart -- is to determine if there is an aspect between two planets.

The Ptolemaic (major) aspects used in astrology are:
Conjunction (not technically an aspect) -- 0 degrees
Sextile -- 60 degrees
Square -- 90 degrees
Trine -- 120 degrees
Opposition --180 degrees

Your Venus is at 12 degrees Aquarius, your partner's Sun at 30 degrees Cancer.
There is no aspect. The actual distance between the two is 120 (30 Cancer = [0 Leo]) degrees from 0 Aries, plus 48 (12 Aquarius is 48 degrees behind 0 Aries). So the arc distance is 168 degrees, which is nowhere close to any major aspect.

Count whole signs....From Aquarius to the very end of Cancer we have -- Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer -- 5 whole signs, plus 18 degrees back from 0 Pisces to 12 Aquarius = 168 degrees.

This distance is 12 degrees short of 180 (the opposition aspect), and not in opposing signs, but in signs which are "inconjunct" (they "do not behold each other"). A 12-degree deviation from the perfect opposition (180) is not normally accepted as within "tolerance" (orb) for that aspect even in a natal chart, and as Dr. Farr pointed out, in synastry close orbs are required, so this would be even less acceptable.

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