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Re: Orbs and Stuff

1) convert each planet's position in each chart to degrees of longitude (ie zodiacal degrees; eg 11Cancer58 = 101degrees58min longitude; 29Aquarius31 = 329degrees31 minutes longitude)-then subtract the lesser number of the planet in questionin 1 chart from the higher number of the planet in question in chart 2: see if the result is an aspect. For example,
Chart 1: Sun = 329degrees31 minutes
Chart 2: Venus = 101degres58 minutes
Difference = 227 degrees
Since for determining aspects 180 degrees is the maximum, we cannot use any figure over 180 degrees; so we look at the figures in another way: subtract the higher figure (329 degrees) from 360 (meaning 0 Aries), which equals 31 degrees; then add the lower figure to 0 (meaning 0 Aries): so here we add 31 degrees to 101 degrees which = 132 degrees: now, (Ptolemaic) aspects are 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 180 degrees: so the distance here, 132 degrees, between Chart 1 Sun and chart 2 Venus-being 132 degrees-does not fall within orb (certainly not tight orbs) of any (Ptolemaic) aspect (nor in conjunction either, which technically is not an aspect), so we could say that in the synastry charts the Sun of one and the Venus of the other, are not in aspect.
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