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Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus - brings stability?

I posted recently on another thread about this, but I haven't gotten any responses, so I thought I would post something again. I've been doing a bit more digging about Saturn conjunct natal Uranus and I am wondering if this makes people more serious about existing relationships. My initial inquiry was regarding myself and potentially marrying my boyfriend. The date that we were thinking about would be when Saturn would conjunct my natal Uranus. Interestingly enough, Saturn conjunct HIS natal Uranus in the 7th house over Thanksgiving weekend this year and that was around the time that he told me he was sure that he wanted to marry me sooner rather than later. Similar to me, he has a strong Uranus in his chart as well (but less hard aspects). He has Sun, Venus and Mars trine Uranus and he has his Moon and natal Saturn Square it. I have Uranus square my Sun, opposite my Moon and trine my Venus.

Does Saturn contacting one's natal Uranus make someone more stable? Sort of like the opposite or transiting Uranus contacting natal Saturn and causing everything to become chaotic and unstable?

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