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Re: Orbs and Stuff

This sticky pre-dates my membership and sorry if I'm too late.

Rather than caring about cut-offs, I'm getting a lot more juice these days from focusing on the rate(s) by which an influence strengthens and weakens within, say, a 3 + 3 degree range from exact (and whether, beyond that, many aspects might not be more than the fading trail on a pop song's audio volume envelope or, heaven forbid, a proximate minor aspect).

Kudos to those also honoring the effect of non-mathematical factors on such rates (e.g., planet strength, etc.; seems alot to take in) and I wonder where are the members with developed opinions about the rates based solely on orb strength (I'll stick in this camp for a little while longer with working assumptions such as that the rate is noticeable immediately beyond exact and has a speed bump somewhere around 2.x degrees)

Just saying the things to focus on prior to the cut-off (e.g., is the rate linear or logarithmic) seem more interesting than the cut-off itself (which may remain relevant only in tweaking your aspect set what to display).

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