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Re: 10 rules of Antoine Garth

Originally Posted by poyi View Post
Omnisphericus! I would like to ask a few questions if you don't mind ?

1. My LOF is in 10th house in Cancer sign

2. Ruler is the Moon, Capricorn in detriment but trine Mars as Mars' exaltation sign less than 2 degrees trine, Moon sextile Mercury, Mars sextile Mercury.

3-10...I am not quite sure. I post my chart here instead!!

Attachment 29283

I am new to Arabic Parts, currently exploring them
In this method Whole Signs are assumed.
Your Fortune would be in the 11th Sign.
Your Moon is in 7th from Fortune and that is good - it is angular. It is in 5th from Ascendant = the house of Good Fortune.
Spirit is in 5th from Fortune and its Ruler - Mars in 1st or in 11th from Fortune - the House of Acquisitions.
These are not bad positions, you need to calculate the Basis and Lot of Exaltation and match these two with the Spirit and Fortune and their rulers.
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