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Re: Table of essential dignities

Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post
Hi Elena,

I see your confusion and I get what people said because I did some programming for a time.

Database header files were originally 128 Bytes, but the file starts at Byte "0" so it's actually 0-127.

Later, the header doubled in size to 256 Bytes but you start at "0" so it's 0-255.

You can see that best with ASCII codes for characters, because there's 256 codes/characters but they're numbered 0-255.

Many of the Greek astrologers used Egyptian terms and Maternus lists them like this:

Jupiter 6
Venus 12
Mercury 20
Mars 25
Saturn 30

From that we can determine that each has this many degrees:

Jupiter 6
Venus 6
Mercury 8
Mars 5
Saturn 5
Total = 30 degrees

We can also see they are numbering these from 1-30 degrees and not 0-29 degrees because Saturn ends at 30 degrees.

On a scale of 1-30 degrees then:

Jupiter 1-6 deg 59'
Venus 7-12 deg 59'
Mercury 13-20 deg 59'
Mars 21-25 deg 59'
Saturn 26-30 deg 59'

On a scale of 0-29 degrees it would be:

Jupiter 0-5 deg 59'
Venus 6-11 deg 59'
Mercury 12-19 deg 59'
Mars 20-24 deg 59'
Saturn 25-29 deg 59'
Thank you, this seems to make a lot of sense. So a planet at 6 degrees 00 would be actually iunder Venus, no longer in Jupiter.
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