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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?

Originally Posted by WHYNOT View Post
As a parent myself , I find your ready acceptance of , and lack of investigation into the propaganda and bogus science practised by the vaccine industry very disturbing.

"All babies are required by law..." - Fortunately so far I don't live in a police state. Vaccination being made compulsory by law is a breach of human rights.

Re " Africa & India.." Those places also don't have soaring autism rates, which speaks volumes. Infectious diseases in those countries are due to malnutrition & lack of hygiene
You find it "disturbing".... that parents should take up the New Zealand Government on free vaccination services for their children and from an early age.

Some of you parents have really WEIRD philosophies !

I agree that some governments are indeed, police states, but certainly not the New Zealand government !

I think that you are seriously misguided !

it's NOT "disturbing" at all. It's called being a consciencious and dutiful parent !

You do have the "right" to not vaccinate your own child (in New Zealand), but since you do not have legal guardianship over your grandchild, maybe that is also a good thing ! (for the safety of the child).

If your grandchild was withheld vaccinations - due to your silly philosophies, then caught an infectious disease at a very early age, and tragically died, what would be your defense?


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