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Re: will package make it out of U.S. customs office

Hi Jag,
Moon has only one aspect and that is oposition with Sa, that is not so happy end.
If we look your ruler Ju, and package that you have to get, ruler of 3 house, Me there are no applaying aspect so that is not good too.
But we could look ruler of your possetion, Ve rx and ruler of their "possetion"
ruler of 8 house, Ma, which is in your 3 house, post, thay send it as you said, and we see there are applaying aspect which will be exact for 6 and 1/4 degree, in my opinion that are weeks.
So, there are small possibility that you will get it. But because this Ve is rx, there are posibility that you will get part of your money returned from them. Ve is ruler of your 2nd but intercepted ruler of 7 house too.
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