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Re: How accurate/effective is a relocation chart?

the overall influence of your new home, won't feel so alien if you natally have neptune in the 1st already, and are just going to have it now conjunct the asc. i think if anything your just going to be more yourself there. doesn't seem like a bad thing at all.

as for Mars at the Re. MC..

well i think you'd need to take into account that you are mars ruled. You mentioned being an aries. so mars on the mc doesn't seem like you'd encounter violence like maybe others would, or might. What is mars doing in your natal chart? violence/aggression might come around if you have mars sq. or opp. pluto natally. or you could be the aggressor as well. but if you are mars ruled you've probably learned how to incorporate your energy to some extent. anyway, good luck with the move.
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