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Re: How accurate/effective is a relocation chart?

If your natal neptune is going to be on the Ascendant. Look at all your neptune aspects, and the house that neptune is in. to get a sense of what you can expect.

If you have an opportunity, or if you feel a pull to live someplace. then that is where you are meant to be for an indefinite, or short time. Don't set up restrictions for yourself based on astrocartography. When i moved, i didn't know anything about astrocartography. but moved to a place where my r. ascendant fell to a house with the most to work on and deal with. basically my severely debilitated sun.

i think it just works out like that. you're meant to face issues sometimes head on and discover new aspects of your personality. With neptune on the ascendant.. and sun in square to neptune. you'll probably work through father issues, or subconscious childhood matters, maybe take up neptune pursuits in some way. It really, depends on the houses being affected and their aspects. but avoid drugs, definitely.

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