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Re: How accurate/effective is a relocation chart?

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Even though I have lived at both ends of the planet (western Canada & Germany), I couldn't escape my birth chart's natal aspects. And even when my relocation charts Ascendent moved and focused on other planets - I still had a 7th house Neptune....So i'll always be wearing rose colored glasses too.....
Like one astrologer said to me - moving isn't going to change much-your natal is with you where ever you go

I am an Aries jumps in and asks questions later - Sun square Neptune also shows I am blinded and ignore the red flags But I hope I will learn not to make the same mistakes again

I have read many interpretations that it's better not to go to this place but anywhere I will go. If would not go there I could regret all my life why I didn't take this opportunity to change or to get something new in my life

When I will relocate I will give you a feedback how I feel in that area How does the relocation effects me
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