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Exclamation How accurate/effective is a relocation chart?

Hello, everybody,

I'd love to hear about anyone's experience with relocation chart. I wonder how accurate/effective is a relocation chart than the natal chart for living in that area? When will the relocated chart start to make influence to me?

I'm gonna live in the place under Neptune ASC/Mars MC crossing (astrocarthography). I found interpretation: "These are the angular planets there and combined they don't promise a comfortable life. Neptune ASC it will give you romantic ideals, but they're not likely to produce good results as Neptune rules deception and self-defeat. The problem with Neptune is that it casts a web around you and if you stay long you may start feeling trapped. Neptune-Mars can also bring aggressiveness and violence."
After this interpretation I started to be afraid to go there of aggressiveness and violence. I'm not an aggressive person my Mars is in Libra. So how the aggressiveness and violence will occur? Will I be aggressive and conflict or the environment/surrounders will be aggressive and conflict to me?
I found other nice aspects in relocated chart. Does any other aspects will do influence to me or only these 2 major conjunctions? Can I expect something nice in this area?

Please share your experience with me I would be very thankful.
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