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Re: Moon pluto

haha wow didn't realize this was why, that explains it

Moon square pluto exact, moon on desc, pluto on ic,

Yea I gave up on having female friends awhile ago, the only ones I trust are those I've deemed to be unselfish/not manipulative.

Usually my female friends are either very sweet, honest people or very self-sufficient/don't take **** from anyone (but still very kind ppl). I have a lot of respect and admiration for the women I actually trust though.

Most all of my friends are guys, this is on purpose due to giving up on seeking out female friendships long ago. Also I kind of prefer hanging out around guys, I'm quite mercurial and have a liking for clever jokes so most atypical female conversations don't hold my interest as much. Not to say I don't know funny girls, it's just the guys I know don't hold back as much, I think it's a leftover (hopefully soon to be overcome) gender thing.

I'm a girl.

Thanks for explaining this lol, makes sense now
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