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Re: Moon pluto

Originally Posted by love-thinking View Post
Women ever realized you never ever want to befriend another female ever again? Do you have moon pluto in your chart?
I have Moon Sextile Pluto almost exact, and I have NO female friends that I talk to - a few acquaintances, but no one close.
I have 4 sisters, but don't really feel comfortable being close with them either.

I have always felt different somehow, with my feelings, like, they are deeper and hard for other people to relate to. I share very little of my true self to anyone.

I don't know if the Moon/Pluto aspect explains that, though - I thought the sextile was easy, flowing energy. Plus, that aspect is part of a Moon-Pluto-Neptune aspect group that should benefit me....
Moon Trine Neptune (exact) / Moon Sextile Pluto (exact) / Neptune Sextile Pluto (exact) ....was I wrong...?? Lol!!
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