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Re: Moon pluto

I am going through this by transit pluto cj n.moon. I may have a post about this somewhere. I have zero female friends. None. Its been hard, i am a libra, so the social aspect has been rather difficult. I tried but as passiflora mentioned, i am not longer interested in shallow relationships. As for my own mother, and mother in law, I am extremely careful with my words. I trigger my mother in law by my presence. On fathers day i dropped off something to my father in law cause my husband was out of town. I leave go home scrolling through facebook and she posts. If only the perfect rug exist, Did you call first? That was it. I closed myself off to her. I do wish i has a best friend of the same gender. I often wonder what it would be like to have a sister. My one and only true friend is a male who is twice my age. Whatever past life s### I got myself into, I regret it. Must of been a player of some sort. They say men are hard on the outside soft on the inside, women are soft on the outside hard of the inside.
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