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Re: Coping with change, new friendships[...]

Hi Estrelle!
I think it'd be very good for you to have a full natal chart reading. It could be very helpful to you. But, I will try to give you a few insights as I look at your chart.

First, you are young. Most people have a good deal of trouble with relationships at this stage of life. Truth be told, relationships aren't easy at any stage of life, but in our 20s, it is particularly confusing because we are just starting to figure out ourselves.

But to more directly address your question . . .

1. Everyone has a wound to heal, symbolized by the South Node of the Moon, but also indicated in other ways. You tend to feel a great deal of responsibility for other people and you may be a little cut off from your own feelings - or perhaps you simply like to keep a stiff upper lip. You may feel quite isolated. Your chart is saying that you are here to learn how to be more emotionally sensitive - to your own feelings, and then those of others.

2. There's a lot of Piscean energy in your chart - Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th and Venus in Pisces and Neptune conjunct your Sun - is all Piscean. There are a number of ways one could read this, depending on how you are responding to that energy. You could tend to feel a confused sense of self, tend to escape or deny what you feel, or feel very isolated - but you could also be quite empathic, compassion, spiritual, a huge imagination and be artistic and inspired.

3. My guess is that you are very mentally-oriented (opposed to emotionally-oriented) as your Sun, Moon and ASC are all very mental signs. You may be given to judging yourself and others or at the very least, see things a little more in black and white terms - either/or, right/wrong, etc. You may have some beliefs about yourself and what relationships should be that limit your good experiences.

4. Aquarius is important in your chart because your Sun, Neptune, Uranus and the ruler of your ASC (Mercury) are all in Aquarius in a very outward, expansive house. You are probably really smart and intuitive. The 9th house asks you to expand yourself, to learn new things, to open yourself up to new ideas. On the other hand, Aquarius asks you to be your own person, do your own thing, reject authority - go against the mainstream. These two things present a bit of a conflict for you. You want to learn and have a higher education while at the same time, you are driven to follow your own ideas and distinguish yourself as different.

5. Relationships are very important to you with your Moon in the 7th house of relationships. Yet, Chiron is conjunct your Moon point a finger that there are problems here. I'm guessing you grew up with a parent who was judging or had a strong sense of right and wrong or fixed ideas about how things ought to be.

6. You may have some obsessive qualities with Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Sag in the 6th.

There are a number of things going on right now that could be stimulated your current concerns. Your Secondary Progressed Sun is conjunct your 10th house cusp and your natal Uranus. Your Secondary Progressed Moon is in your 4th house, ruled by the Moon. Regardless of what is stimulating your concerns, the natal chart itself gives the answers. Here are my recommendations.

If you wish to get an education, which I bet you do - you will need to know that you have these opposing energies that you'll need to honor and balance. You'll need to find a way to honor your need to be your own person while learning from others and following their rules. It's possible you might need to be in the kind of university that allows more freedom in how you pursue learning - places like University of California at Santa Cruz or Evergreen College in Olympia, WA. I'm sure there are other alternative colleges you might explore. Find a place or department that will support the type of person you are.

In regard to relationships, I don't think anyone is damned to toxic relationships. Know that relationships are hard for everyone. Yes, you may have a difficult aspect here with Chiron near the 7th house cusp, but you can work with it. I happen to have a Sag Moon like you. It's in a different place - conjunct my IC. Sagittarius is fiery and competitive and strives for the best. It can be unrealistic in relationships. You may think you see the person as they are but be quite wrong - mostly because you can intuit their potential while not really relating to who the person really is.

Sagittarius in general, is quite powerful and you'd need a really strong man who can take your natural intensity. Most likely, the introvert in you is more about simply being young and inexperienced. Everyone has some feelings of vulnerability, inferiority or insecurity - even when we come off as secure and strong. As you grow older, you'll feel more extroverted because your Sun is in the 9th and your Moon is in the 7th in Sag. You do have an introverted side with the Pisces/12th influences, so you are a blend - but you'll always be out and about and social.

You'll do best if you focus on developing your ability to truly feel your own feelings and treating yourself very well. Loving yourself comes first. Then, you will be more sensitive to your partners. Know that you come across as being really strong and powerful and that even when you don't mean to, people might experience you as judging. So, look at people's reactions to you as something to reflect upon while keeping in mind that they have their own issues too - and their reactions to you are their own.

Also, realize that most people aren't as smart as you are. You will have to be sensitive to their feelings. Learn how to make them feel good about themselves rather than express your unique genius. You'll need to partner with someone either as smart as you or someone who admires you for it and has a strong ego.

Honor your intelligence. Make sure you get the education you need to prosper. At this stage, do everything you can to get to know and love yourself and then follow your heart. This is the best way to improve your relationships. And then, be patient. Let time help you heal and grow.

I wish you all the best!
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