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Re: Astrological Signature

With no aspects or rulers, Uranus and Jupiter are in a tie. With aspects, Uranus wins. With rulers, Jupiter wins. With both, Uranus wins with a landslide. (Though Sun and Jupiter get a fair tie as second most effective)

Element and modality wise, Sag is the clear winner here: 6 fire, 3 air, 1 token water and 0 earth (apparently MC doesn't count for that, which is the only earth in my main chart lol) with 5 mutable, 3 cardinal, 2 fixed.

My Uranus is in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces and Sun in Sagittarius, so it being a tug of war between Aquarius social concerns and Pisces just wanting to draw back to its shell to live in its fantasy world added to sign signature being mutual fire Sag (supported by Aries being in asc&moon positions, cardinal fire being at play as well) makes sense I suppose lol
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