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Re: Daniil Medvedev vs Grigor Dimitrov: 1st semi Us Open 2019

Originally Posted by fensi88 View Post
I cast the chart for the moment I read your question:

06 Sep 2019 TZ = -2.0 5.1100 P.M. 20e29 44n48 ASC=0Aq08

So, because you are fan of Medvedev he is represent with 1st house ruler Saturn rx. Saturn is in House of Joy and dignities are in its favour. But, Satyrn is also in conjunct with Souh Node. Conjunction with one of the Moon's Node is a factor that can decide a chart on its own (Frawley)! A significator conjunct the South Node is greatly weakened. It makes no difference whether the significator is applying to or separating from the Node. So according to this he will not win.
Thank you for your predictions
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