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Astrology of Hair Loss

Hello everyone!

I am new to Medical Astrology and I am researching the indications and remedies for hair loss and male baldness. Not less because I am affected by it.

I have seen some ancient authors mention baldness when talking about the appearance of a native. For example, (if my memory serves me right) Valens describe those born *under* Sagittarius to be bald.

I am working under the assumption that these factors may play a part:

1. The sign ascending, as it represents the native and their appearance.
2. The sign of Part of Fortune, as it relates to the body.
3. Aries, as it governs the head.
4. Mars or Aries in the sixth.
5. Moon’s phase as it relates to the vegetative cycle.

Barren signs in the Ascendant or where PoF is or the sixth, or a barren malefic like Saturn, Sun or Mercury (when acting as a malefic), may indicate baldness.

I’d highly appreciate it if you can prove or refute these assumption or add to them by compelling evidence or reference to ancient and accepted texts.

Any other help in this regard would be highly welcome too.

More importantly, I want to know if there is any specific remedial measures according to astrology and what general measures can be prescribed for a bald or balding person, if any.

Thank you all.

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