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Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC

Originally Posted by EndThisConfusion View Post
Hi, All - Yes, been feeling it, but it has not been all bad, not at all. Pluto on IC - My brother sold the family home and put my mother in a (bloody expensive) nursing home. Any inheritance from the family home will go to pay for it (sounds cold but she was abusive), and the rapid dissolving of the family after that hit me harder than I thought it would. Effect on MC - The company I have worked for, for 8.5 years, was bought out by a company I do not want to work for and soon won't. Meanwhile, I got a part time contract with another company, and connected with someone who has and continues to bring tons of great work to me. My income has doubled. Pluto isn't always bad! There were other things going on, Saturn conjunct North Node which I guess brings professional advancement. Sure does! Pluto square desc. and square Uranus in 7th house? Sound of crickets. Nothing. Nada. Been single for a long time, so no relationship to bust up. I did adopt a dog last April and lost her to illness last November. That was horrible. Along with some house issues and my own illness that made the end of 2015 the worst period in my life. But it's MUCH better now. Hang in there. It's not forever. And things are better afterwards.
Good to hear that it's not that bad for you.

We will have these transits for around 6 more years, I wonder what will happen next, a lot of surprises lol.
It's not all bad, but more bad things than good things for me.

I've moved around 3 continents within a year because of these transits so far (Asia, America, and Europe) lmao. I've never thought I would ever do it before.
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