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Re: Will my training presentation on May 24 be good?

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Hi guys,

I've got a short, 20 minute training presentation coming up on May 24. It is a part of the requirements to pass the "Training the Trainers" work shop that I have attended last Apr20-21.

We are around 20 at said work shop, and as per historical data, only 70% of the batch passes while the rest fails. After the presentation, there is a "graduation" day where one of us will be declared as a valedictorian.

I was sent to undergo said workshop under the expectation that it will improve my presentation skills for my current job.

Right now I have yet to prepare my materials for the presentation. My stomach turns into mush whenever I think of the said day. Regardless, I always know that I can do it if I practiced and prepared hard enough.

So my query is will my presentation be good enough to pass the exam? Feel free to describe how will my presentation go about.

Attach is the horary chart and my birth chart.


The presentation is a test. You must pass the test to move forward in your career. Tests and exams are ruled by the 3rd house. The 3rd lord is Venus, who is nicely dignified in Taurus in the 10th house of honors, career, and social status. Even though Venus is angular and in good dignity, she is combust which renders her essentially powerless. The Moon is in the 5th house, so you might thinking about how to make your presentation (test) more creative or crowd pleasing. You could also be thinking about having fun, instead of studying/preparing. The moon's next applying aspect is a quincunx to Venus, which suggests unusual occurrences related to the test/presentation.

Your significator is the Sun in Gemini in the 10th house. You are stronger than the test -- since the test is combust. Venus is applying to cojoin the Sun at 4 degrees. At first glance, it appears that you will pass the exam, since Venus (the test's significator) is applying conjunct to the Sun (your significator). But, the fact that the test's significator is combust is worrying. Venus is both the 10th Lord and the 3rd Lord, which nicely illustrates the connection between the exam and your career. Interestingly enough, Venus is combust due to you, the powerful Sun.

If Venus were not combust, you would definitely pass the exam. With Venus combust, I'm not so sure.

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